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Welcome to my gallery! As you can see I collect cels from a wide variety of series. Although my two major ones are Yuyu Hakusho and Slayers. Unless otherwise stated, all cels are NOT for sale. Unless of course the price is right, then I might consider. ^_^

News & Updates

4/21/2004A new Slayers cel!! OPENING!!!
3/30/2003More cels on ebay! Please take a look! Click Here to See
12/1/2002I've got some cels on ebay. Go here to take a look.
9/26/2002Well added all the cels I had on the way earlier. Three in Yuyu Hakusho and one in Gokudo-kun.

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Title Last Updated
Bakuretsu Hunters (1) 9/11/2002
Battle Athletes (1) 9/10/2002
Card Captor Sakura (2) 9/11/2002
Galaxy Warrior Rai (1) 9/10/2002
Gokudo-kun (5) 9/26/2002
Heavenly Warrior Shurato (1) 9/10/2002
Jibaku-kun (2) 9/10/2002
Magic Knight Rayearth (2) 9/12/2002
Ranma 1/2 (2) 9/10/2002
Slayers (3) 4/21/2004
Street Fighter II V (1) 9/15/2002
Twin Signal (3) 9/11/2002
Utso no Miko (3) 9/11/2002
Violinist of Hameln (2) 9/10/2002
Yuyu Hakusho (9) 9/12/2002

Curator: yukionna
Gallery Created: 9/10/2002
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